The Shrike Kayak

Inspired by the kayaks of west Greenland. The kayak designs are derived from the kayaks of West Greenland, and, in particular, the Disko Bay kayak preserved in the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa. We offer free plans and Build Manuals to enable you to build lightweight kayaks to suit your weight, size, preferred cockpit shape and height of decks. Over one thousand copies of the plans have been distributed to over thirty countries in the first year of the project. Visit the Build Gallery to see some of the kayaks completed world-wide. Look at the four versions below to see some of your options when planning your ideal kayak. We hope you enjoy and share our passion for these beautiful kayaks.

Start building today with free plans

Plans and build manuals  for all four kayak designs are available for free download
I was out yesterday in 30-40 mph winds and she behaved impeccably, so responsive to every command and correction. I’ve just got back in tonight from the best rolling session I’ve ever had – in just 3 sessions the Shrike has taken me from only just being able to force one roll at the end of the first night to doing nearly an hour of continuous rolls with NOT ONE wet exit! I’m absolutely buzzing. I love this boat.
Paul Krysik

Performance so far- flawless! I love it. My first hard-chined kayak. It took me about 10 minutes to adjust and then it felt like I was being cradled in my mother’s arms! Turns beautifully with just a minimal edge, very stable once I got used to it.
Philip Anderson

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