FREE plans for Shrike, a lightweight sea kayak for stitch and glue construction

The hull lines are traditional West Greenland. These classic and beautiful lines, the result of centuries of development, produce a hull that is maneuverable, and suited to rough water. The Greenland hull is here combined with the best of modern sea kayak construction developments, e.g. bulkheads, hatches, skeg, and a keyhole cockpit. Paddlers have differing requirements for the length and beam of a sea kayak, and for the shape, size and height of the cockpit. The Shrike plans can be printed at various scalings to permit these dimensions to be varied. For example, a 90% scaled Shrike is illustrated in the Build Gallery. See Shrike Too for an ocean cockpit and a forehatch. Plans may be downloaded at no cost and printed locally, or by commercial printers, some of which are listed later.


Length 5.304m (17 feet 4.8 inches)
Beam 0.546m (21.5 inches)
Cockpit internally 0.833m long x 0.394m wide (32.5” x 15.5”)
Keel to underside of foredeck at front of cockpit 0.318m (12.5”)
Keel to top of rear rim of cockpit 0.229m (9”)
Weight 14.5kg (32 pounds)

Reasons for the Shrike project

1. There is enormous satisfaction in building a kayak and using it to travel our beautiful waters.

2. For a significant number of people, modern sea kayaks have become too heavy and/or too expensive. The weight of these craft is such that some people are unable, either through limitations of strength, disabilities, injuries or age, to transport such craft from home to water’s edge. Shrike weighs 32 pounds, half that of some modern kayaks. She cost £320 pounds to build.

3. The young people I meet have little opportunity for learning practical skills. The described stitch and glue construction should be within the capabilities of enthusiastic young teenagers. Plans and Build manual The plans can be downloaded here at no cost . The build manual for Shrike can be downloaded here at no cost.

Build Gallery

Afloat Gallery

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