CNC Kayaks

CNC Kayaks is a non-profit organisation supplying free plans to build sea kayaks. The kayak designs are derived from the kayaks of West Greenland, and, in particular, the Disko Bay kayak preserved in the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa.

We at CNC kayaks aim to design beautiful and lightweight wooden sea kayaks for construction by those with limited tools, time, facilities and experience of woodworking. The designs are adaptable to your requirements for hull size and cockpit dimensions.

We offer free full-size plans for our two distinct families of sea kayak design, from specialist rolling craft to expedition kayaks. The Shrike family is stitch-and- glue, and the Vember family is wood-strip. For comprehensive details, Build Manuals and plans download, click on the images below.

So responsive to every command and correction
– I love this boat.
Paul Krysik

If I had to pick just one boat, this would be it
– the expedition version of Vember.
Damian Walker