Peter Greenfield – Shrike Too

What model Shrike did you choose?
Shrike Too

What modifications, if any, did you make to the design described in the Build Manual?
Marine plywood is like unobtainium here in Dubai, and I ended up using Malaysian “bendy” ply. It is a nominal 4mm (actually 3.6mm) 3-ply of WBP standard. The A face is meranti so the colour is great, but there were some voids in the cores. I just had to accept that. The sides were increased by a cm, because I weigh 91kg (about 205lb). The skeg was modified along the lines of the Builders’ Tip, and in trials moves freely with no or little movement of the wire guide. The skeg box was fitted with an aft brace, and bedlogs to hold it in place. I fitted an ocean cockpit, but using an initial support of 12.5mm ply to support two layers of 3.6mm ply to make the horizontal “keeper”. It takes my brooks akulisaq very snugly. There are no hip braces fitted as I like to move a bit in the cockpit, and I feel the side decks have been reinforced by the coaming construction. The deck fittings follow my Morris SOF, but with the cutting board tensioners. The day hatch is from Pygmy boats, and the 8 and 10″ hatches are from Karitek.

What is the weight of the finished kayak?
18 kg (40 pounds,) which included covering the entire kayak in glass cloth and epoxy.

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