Peter from UK

What model Shrike did you choose?
Shrike with 11” masik

What modifications, if any, did you make to the design described in the Build Manual?
Added Maroske deck fittings, a compass recess on the foredeck, and a Connect Systems seat (for a P&H Aries). Used laminated ply to make curved thigh braces (details in the Builders Tips section). Also reversed the skeg profile so that the more curved part of the tip faces forward (to make more gradual contact with the ground).

What is the weight of the finished kayak?


Anything you wish you had done differently?

Used wide tape or lower weight glass cloth on the cockpit floor to get a neater finish. Made the outline of the cockpit coaming more curved (avoided straight sections). If I’d known about the stitch-hole free approach using adhesive tape, I would have used it.

Any tips you’d like to suggest to future builders?

I found it helped to have a hard copy of the build manual; good for adding notes on epoxy quantities etc. – especially at the beginning of the build – and as bedtime reading (no, really).

How does the kayak perform on the water?

Beautifully! At the 1st Shrike Gathering it handled some steep chop so easily that I felt comfortable enough to use a point and shoot waterproof camera, see



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