Gilles from Canada

I built my Vember Expedition in the spring of 2021 as a Covid project. It went very well, 4 months and   290 hours plus the varnish. The instructions are very good. 

Downloading the plans was easy and I had them printed full size at a professional printer, not cheap at $100 Canadian. 

The boat is 17’6” and I added 2 centimetres to the hull height for foot room. I am 6′ 1” (185cm) tall and 11 1/2 foot (43) and 185 ponds (84kg).I am very comfortable in the kayak. In the market I couldn’t find that, it fits me like a glove. The deck is 3mm plywood and is built to plan. No fiberglass on the deck . 43 pounds  (19.5kg)  

Western red cedar for the strips 

I did not follow the first and last stations with the strips at the water line because the lines were too curved for my strips to conform. The boat is a little bit loose and needs the skeg more often than I was thinking, probably because of that change. 

The skeg was built with Chesapeake Light Craft plans for $10 for simplicity and low cost, it is working well.  

I put a second layer fiberglass on the sole of the cockpit and on the keel. 

Fore and rear hatches are plywood, again like Chesapeake Light Craft boats and a 6” plastic day hatch. 

The day compartment is not as wide as the boat, it is good for small objects and there is a good place for long items in the back compartment. 

It cost me about $1800 for the kayak plus the table, plus over $200 in delivery. The materials came from 5 different stores, some close, some far. 


Now on the water. 

I am very pleased with the kayak. She is light to put on the water. She has a good speed and takes the waves very well, I am not a verry experienced kayaker, but I was on the Saint Laurence river with 2 to 3 foot waves (0.6 to 0.9 meters), and ships were passing.  When the water is comfused I just let the kayak go and it take care by herself, I never lose stability. This is very good for a 22” beam kayak, and this is exactely what I was looking for when building this kayak. 

A frend who is a lot more experienced than me thinks that this is the best kayak he could desire. 


I thank you verry much for what you have done. 

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