Build Manual and Template Downloads

The build manuals are provided as PDF formatted documents. The Shrike Build Manual covers all the aspects of the build, and is relevant to the Shrike (keyhole cockpit), Shrike Too (ocean cockpit), Shrike-LV (low volume) and Shrike-R (rolling hybrid) variant. The Build Option documents contains information on the differences in the design and build methods that were used to build each Shrike design. The manuals also contain builders tips and frequently asked questions. You will need a PDF reader installed to be able to view the manuals, we recommend the Adobe® Reader. The templates are provided in DWG, DXF, DWF, DWFx and PDF formats which will allow you to use either your own plotter or a local professional print shop to print them for you. All the files are zipped into a single compressed archive.

Printing the plans
The images are designed to be printed on 24″ (610mm) wide continuous roll paper. When printed correctly they will be roughly 25′ long. Due to a limitation in the PDF specification the PDF is saved at 50% scale. Please ensure you print the pdf scaled to 200% to get the full size templates. The DWF and DWFx templates are all plotted at 100% scale. On the templates there are horizontal and vertical scales measuring 50cm (500mm). These are there to allow you to verify that your print is accurate and there is no scaling error. If these lines are not 50cm long then work with your plotter to set the scale correctly. Do not build from templates that were not printed correctly.
Original CAD files
The Shrike templates were drawn using AutoCad®. The original DWG and DXF CAD files are included in the above download. These can be used if you are interested in enhancing the design or using these files to control a CNC cutter to produce the panels. This may be especially useful should you which to create kits for the hull for commercial distribution.
Printing in the UK
We have had good success using Service Point to print plans in the UK, here is how you too can use them (this information was updated on 3/23/2016, we have no affiliation with Service Point, nor do we offer any guarantee of their work product):
1. Phone Servicepoint on (+44) 020 7387 6071, quote “kayak printing”, and pay £28.50 with a card. This price includes the full-sized paper plans (£15), cardboard tube, postage, packing and VAT at 20%.
2. Download the free plans using the form above.
3. Unzip the file, select the 50% pdf file, and save it.
4. Email with the 50% pdf attached. Head the email: “kayak printing”, followed by your name. Request that the file be printed at 200%, on their more accurate plotter, as arranged with Ian McHale, and state the date you paid.