Our Shrike kayaks, with their West Greenland origins, have been a remarkable world-wide success, but Vember is for those who desire a lightweight day-tripping kayak which is more “British-style”. In particular, a kayak with a round bilge hull to give smooth and progressive stability from upright to edged; a kayak that would be capable and reassuring in rough seas and strong winds. Vember has proven to satisfy those requirements.

I’ve long been interested in strip-building a round-bilged sea kayak, but had been put off by the many hours this seemed to require, in comparison with the 100 hours to complete a stitch-and-glue Shrike. To reduce the construction time, Vember combines a strip-built hull with the simple, light-weight and quick deck construction used in the Shrike family, and a first-time strip builder might take 150 hours.


Length 4.86 m (15.94 feet)
Beam 0.546 m (21.5 inches)
Weight 15.9 kg (35 pounds)
Approximate time to build 150 hours
Approximate cost of materials £550 ($825 U.S)

The plans and build manual can be downloaded here at no cost .