FREE plans for Shrike Too, a lightweight sea kayak for stitch and glue construction
The Shrike Too is a derivation of the original Shrike design. Developed by Christopher. It replaces the original higher foredeck with a lower profile deck, the keyhole cockpit was replaced with an ocean style cockpit and a hatch was added to the fore deck. The kayak was developed to fit two functions, the first was to act as a good Greenland rolling training kayak, and the second was to be a weekend tripping kayak. The deck-lines and cockpit style change harkens back to the original Disko Bay qajaq which had a near circular cockpit. The Ocean style of cockpit puts the paddler’s thighs under the masik and provides continuous contact points between the paddler and the kayak, which is very helpful when rolling. The disadvantage is obviously a reduction in the ease of entry and exit from the kayak. By reducing the foredeck height the tortured ply foredeck buckles closer to the cockpit, and this allows a far greater area of the foredeck to be flat than was possible in the original Shrike design. The extended flat area provides ample space to include a very usable foredeck hatch which makes the kayak more practical for loading and unloading camping gear etc. A simple future design variant will be to reduce the topside depth by two inches to create a very low aft deck and with it a superb rolling kayak. The Shrike Too maintains the original Shrike’s aft deck height (9″) to facilitate the carrying of equipment.



Length 5.304m (17 feet 4.8 inches)
Beam 0.546m (21.5 inches)
Cockpit internally 0.500m x 0.400m (20” x 15.75”)
Keel to underside of foredeck at front of cockpit 0.266m (10.5”)
Keel to top of rear rim of cockpit 0.229m (9”)
Weight 14.5kg (32 pounds)


Build details and Plans
The Shrike Too is built using the same hull panels and bulkheads as the Shrike. The variations come in the positioning and shape of the masik, the shape of the top of the forward bulkhead and the shape of the cockpit. These variations are now included as options in the Shrike template plans. The plan templates, build manual and modifications for Shrike Too can be downloaded here .

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