Which model Shrike did choose?

Standard Shrike with a keyhole cockpit with topsides lowered ~35 mm

What modifications, if any, did you make to the design described in the build manual?

  • Built without a skeg to reduce the total weight. I’ll mostly use the kayak on protected waters so omit the skeg.
  • The front of the cockpit opening is not flat as in drawings, it’s a paraboloid. This flat section makes it harder to release the spray skirt.

What is the weight of the finished kayak?

With 4 mm Okoume plywood (3 mm not available locally anymore) including three hatch covers, back support and deck rigging it is around 14.57 kg (~32.37 Pounds)

Anything you wished you had done differently?

  • I wish I could use better quality plywood, the current one has a lower quality middle layer,
  • I should go for a little bit (~20 mm) higher masik, not possible to slide into the cockpit with my shoes on

Any tips you’d like to suggest to future builders?

  • Sanding by hand is tedious and tiring, purchase an orbital sander.
  • Reduced the total weight of sheer clamps by planning them to a trapezoidal shape (i.e  used a 25 x 15 mm sectioned pine batten and reduced the down edge to 4-5 mm by planning)
  • Drilled 5 mm holes (60 mm apart, 4 rows on each side) to insert 6 mm diameter bungee cords infoırnt of the cockpit. Please note: the hole may leak water especially once pulled in case of a capsize and reduce the diameter of the bungee cord. Please keep this in mind.
  • Cockpit riser is made from 4 mm thick plywood, glued vertically to the opening and a single layer 4 mm piece has been epoxied on top that acting as lip. Both pieces then glassed with 200 gr/m^2 cloth for stiffness.

How does the kayak perform on the water?

Overall, it is an exceptional kayak, I’m using Greenland paddle and will try euro-blade to see if I can paddle faster
Stability is good, it is responsive, and apparently wants to move forward herself even with the smallest push from the dock.

I have not needed a skeg yet but want to try one to see and feel the differences.

Here is a video of my commute to work as a marine police officer.https://youtu.be/-jMeT3ybxew