My first experience building a kayak. The construction took 15-20 days for 3-4 hours, the budget is about 15k roubles (240 USD, 185 GBP), while the resin was left for another project. It remains only to paint the cockpit and embed the hatches.
Some technical information:
FSF 4mm plywood, T-13 fiberglass, Etal375 resin, Etal45M hardener.
External coating – acrylic enamel, spray paint application, adds 200gr to the weight (25% dry residue).
95% scale (adjusted to paper size) despite this At my weight of 90 kg the kayak is held very high and it feels like it can hold up to 30 kg of equipment.
For those who are going to build, do not forget to buy a 50mm glass tape! Cutting the fabric into strips and then getting confused in rags mixed with resin was the most unpleasant part of the job.