The launch took place on June 8, 2019, on Lake Bezid, Transylvania.
It was love at first test!
The theme of kayak is Biodiversity. Water world. Pyrography. At the request of the “customer”. The client being my 7-year-old son.
Considering the thinness of the strips (4 mm) I decided to construct two inner edges of 8 cm each, for the better resistance of the bow and the stern.
Final results: 418 cm between peaks and 56 cm wide. Weight (with legs support) is 17.5 kg. Without mounted footrest has 16.5 kg.
The deck is also made of ash wood strips.
The distances between the temporary shapes are reduced to 220 cm, to obtain a size appropriate for the child’s age, we also used some tailor-made adapters. This has helped me to better curve and tighten strips in the bow area and stern.