Modifications from Standard Shrike:

The main change from the standard plan was to reduce the length of the bow point by 4 inches to better fit my garage, and reduce the cockpit height to fit my smaller frame. If doing it again I would make the day hatch as large as the rear hatch. Also, I chose to add a hatch in the foredeck, and I would now have the confidence to move it further aft.

I originally placed the centre of the seat forward of the position stipulated in the Build Manual, and this resulted in lee helm, i.e the bow blowing down-wind when the wind was forward of the beam. I have now placed the seat in the stipulated position. What an improvement ! I’m now comfortable paddling the boat in a big swell and carving some pretty tight turns. Placing the seat in the correct position really demonstrates to me the skill that lies behind the design. Once again a great thank you for making the plans available.