What model Shrike did you choose?
I used the 90% plans so technically an LV version and then I used to -50mm gunwales so basically it is an R/LV a low volume version of the Shrike-R

What modifications, if any, did you make to the design described in the Build Manual?
We altered the foot bulkhead, leaving it a bit taller and tilted forward to accommodate my huge feet. This caused us to have to have a bit higher masik, in order to have clean lines. We ended up with a buckle at the bow, not unlike the original shrike.
We also tilted the aft bulkhead backward, and positioned the combing slightly aft, giving me a clean exit from the cockpit. We used the combing shape from my skin boat, which is neither ocean nor keyhole. It’s in the middle, being a slightly elongated ocean shape.

What is the weight of the finished kayak?

How does the kayak perform on the water?
She’s fast, playfully, stable ( which surprises me: 17 3/4″ wide. ) Smooth, easy to roll with a little kick at the end. I’m very happy.