What model Shrike did you choose?
A Shrike, the original design with key hole cockpit.

What modifications, if any, did you make to the design described in the Build Manual?
I raised the topsides by an additional 10mm to create greater free-board. I also added temporary outriggers at the stern to give me some extra stability and sense of security as I am getting to know her.

What is the weight of the finished kayak?

Anything you wish you had done differently?
Would have been better to have filleted and taped keel first and should of left sheer clamps 100mm short of ends for easier access to ends for tape.

How does the kayak perform on the water?
Now for the most impotent part GREAT on the water, may not need the training wheels (outriggers) but at my age(77this year) they do make me feel secure!