Frequently asked questions

How do I decide which model and variations to choose?
Will Vember work for my weight?
How do I know that my plans are printed accurately?
Should I use cove and bead or rectangular section timber?
Should I use stapled or clamped construction?
How strong is the hull?
Does Vember need the skeg?
Can I omit sheer clamps, and rely on glass tape inside and outside the deck to hull joint?
Can I use cheaper plywood for the deck?
What brand deck hatches do you use?
Can I get the CAD DWG or DXF files?
What CAD system and file specification was used to produce the Vember plans?
I have put the Vember form plans into a 3D CAD sytem, and the keel and other lines are not fair curves. Is there a reason for this?
Why the name Vember?
Why the name CNC Kayaks?
How many hours does it take to build a Vember?

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